Guest Account

Getting Started with a FREE SUBSCRIBER Account

According to Open Access Charter, a Subscriber Access is tokenized to any natural person on the Planet Earth, based upon a basic Self Identification. This type of account is known as a Guest Account.


Wherever the Open Constitution Network Assets, Resources and Portals, mobile apps or services have Guest Access enabled, you should be able to access these services using your Guest Account.

Step 1: Sign up to access the Open Bank console.

Currently, you can Sign up to access the Open Bank Console, using any of the following options:

Your Linkedin Account Or

Your Stripe Connect Or

Your Google Account Or

Decentralized Identity(Coming Soon)


Step 2: Register a Subscriber Access  

Once inside the Open Bank console, please click on Register Guest Account, supply the necessary information, and provide consent to the Network’s Self Governance policies.

Your Identity attributes are analyzed by the Network’s Artificial Intelligence.

Please use your personal email address here.

You should also geolocate yourself in order for the Network AI to build trust with your account activity.



Upon submitting the Subscriber Access Form, you shall see the below response on your screen.

Confirm Email :

After submitting the application, in most account cases, you shall receive an email requesting Activation as below;


Follow the instructions (Click on the button with the link) in the email to confirm your FREE Subscriber Lease.

 Congrats! Your Open Bank Guest Account is now Active. You can now Login.

Login using the same account, which you used to sign up to access the Open Bank console:

Your Linkedin account

Your Stripe Connect account

Your Google Account

Decentralized Identity(Coming Soon)


Exception: In some case, Guest Account creation might get ‘'on hold’' Status by the network AI for a manual review. Reason: AI needs human assistance for case processing.

You shall receive an email like below. Don’t worry. Please wait for 7-14 days and the status may change. Change in status will also be notified to your registration email.


Exception: If your Open Bank Account was held for manual review by the Network AI and was finally approved by a human member, you should receive an email like below, with instructions for login in and setting up your password.




Note: Once logged in, you will be required to setup 2 Factor Authentication to secure access to any Trust keys which you may activate. Read User Manual for setting up 2 FA here.

After creating a Guest Account, we recommend you to Activate E Residency, when it is operational in your region. You should use a Guest Account with a Subscriber’s access, only when the Open Constitution network’s Fiscal Host is presently not appointed in the region of your residence. Read about Citizenship here.


If you have recently subscribed to the Open Constitution network, we recommend activating the E Residency keys, and Request verification to activate Contributor Ownership Protocol.

Whenever you are ready, it is recommended to activate an E-residency lease and start using Trust Keys for full Access to the Open Constitution Network Resources.

Read more about E Residency Activation.