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Fellowship Proposal Guidelines

''Fellowship Proposal'' Success Milestone(s)

Each accepted fellowship proposal shall use Finscale distribution to:

  1. Build a use case of Financial Services / climate finance / technology governance using best practices of open source, and public documentation releases;

  2. Deploy the use case on the , a production environment on the network; and demonstrate the use case with a presentation layers such as CLI/Web app/mobile app/applets.

  3. Present the use case in an episode of Open Podcast, alongside the paired mentors.

  4. Document a blog on the complete experience and publish on Foundation's Open Research blog.

Best Practices to submit a Fellowship Proposal?

ACTIVITY 1: Active Pre Requisite

Access Community Spaces, read Project documentation and play with the web demos.

Familiarise yourself with the network’s open governance, and project C.W.C members.

Slack Channel: #Finscale

Join Project Finscale’s Public Mailing List

Project Documentation and Demo here.

Github repos

Visit Community Help Center and read Forum articles.

Public Notice:

If you are not a member of the Open Constitution network, please activate your citizenship access by creating a profile on the Open Bank portal.

Skip Activation for now and come back to it at Step 3. Prospective new contributors can join community forums and channels as a guest.

Please note that you will need to activate your E Residency lease, in case your Contribution proposal gets selected by the Foundation, during the application review period. An activated E Residency gives you Trust keys to access third party APIs, and network’s deployment resources to do what you have to do, as part of your voluntary contributions to the network.


ACTIVITY 2: Draft a Contributor proposal to apply on the Learn Fellowship portal. active

Write a proposal and Apply.

Things to keep in mind while drafting a proposal:

Reach out to Project’s Forum/Mailing List for any assistance with your proposal.

We break down Contributor proposals into two components so that approvers can filter USE CASE proposal on technical merits and without bias:



Basic Guidelines;

  • Identify and list one (or more) Objective statements and supply an abstract of a use case of financial services in the Introduction. This is a broader aspect to field innovative proposals, while aligning with the technical feasibility and assessment on Finscale distribution.

  • Please document a basic design of the use case in a diagrammatic representation.

  • Summarize and list problem statements, and challenges, feasibility of the feature deployment on component of Finscale.


ACTIVITY 3: Register your E Residency on the network If Selected Additional authentication No Fee

a. Access CI/CD and other deployment resources, third party API sandboxes, through Trust API Keys.

b. Apply and activate Learn Fellowship to access mentorship resources for your project guidance.

c. Pairing with Mentors from the Learn Fellowship.


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