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Open Constitution License

Welcome to the OC License wiki!

This space publishes artefacts from the Open Research conducted by the Foundation, on the Open Constitution License initiative.

This wiki promulgates an open source grant of rights, which reflects the reality of an advanced human intelligence civilisation.


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For Readers

You may use this space to educate yourself on the best practices of granting rights associated with an open-source I.P.

This wiki highlights research components used in drafting the Open Constitution License. You may inform yourself of research data and citations.

Relevant Research Read

🍓 About Open Source

  • What is open source?

  • What is the Source of Truth?

  • Best Practices

🥝Open Research

🍍 Data Analytics

  • High-Level View

  • Detailed Assessments

  • Data Models

🍐 I.P Creation

  • Creation

  • Derivative Creation

  • Electronic Authentication

  • CLA Authentication

🍋 Authentication & Authorization

  • License Authenticated?

  • License Authorization?

  • Contracts and License Registry

🍒 Usage and Content

Related Resources

I.P Clarification

International and Property Law

  • Association Law

  • Securitisation of Property Rights