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Activating E Residency

The steps below guide a natural person to be able to activate their E Residency lease on the Open Constitution network.


Step 1: Activate E Residency keys Required

Place a request for the E Residency E Lease keys on the link below.

Please select suitable attribute and Place Request.

An E Residency Lease will provide you citizenship access to the Open Constitution network. An E Resident receives usable Trust Keys with Master API key and resource specific keys.
(Activation limits are set up by the Network AI) to access Open Constitution network resources. 

E Residency lease is available in regions where the Open Constitution Network has a Fiscal Host.

Place Request

Note: A Nominal Fee is charged to maintain the electronic ledgers for the E lease records.

NOTICE: Waiver of fee is applicable for Service Requests placed by Student Accounts. Please use Self Verification guidelines on applying waiver on the Network Service Requests. Coming Soon


You can log in using your Guest Access. Confirm the Service Request, and skip Case 2. Unfortunately, a Vault Account is not yet active for Guest accounts. You cannot use Vault Balances for this transaction.


Upon your confirmation, you will now receive an email containing details about your Service Request. See the screenshots below.

Vault Account is activated when an individual becomes an E Resident on the network.

Read the Role Based Access Matrix. Read Open Access Charter of the Open Constitution Network.


Case 2: No existing individual account with Open-Bank

In the Service Request Form, please use your personal email address and enter your Legal Name and address. Please authenticate this transaction using a personal Credit or Debit Card, or one which you are authorised to use.

So, you can only authenticate this Service Request, using a Credit or Debit Card to confirm this request.

Note: The Network AI observes your transaction behaviour in the Open Bank Console. Your Identity attributes are analyzed by the Network’s Artificial Intelligence for fraud detection, anti SPAM etc.






You will now receive an email containing details about your Service Request and another mail containing your account details. You can use the latter to set up a password for your account.


To log in, please follow the link in the (above screenshot) mail regarding your account.

Step 2: Complete Profile at Open Bank

Once logged in, please complete your profile.

You may now connect your social accounts or simply add information and complete Self Verification within 90 days, to keep your account compliant to Network’s Self Governance Policy.

The Network may also send you email reminders about this.


Set Up Multi-Factor-Authentication (MFA):

You should see a MFA Settings prompt upon your Login.

Please use this guide to set up your MFA. You are storing Trust Keys. This may keep your account assets secure. We recommend downloading the Google Authenticator mobile app if you are not using it on your device.


Complete Profile:

Please provide the necessary information, and supply consent to Network policies. Network AI: Sentient Bot will be sending you Reminder Notifications in your email during this period. AI will delete any incomplete Profile beyond this period.

To complete of profile, click on ‘My Account’ - ‘Manage’ followed by 'View Profile” underneath your profile picture. Following this, add information to your account:

‘Your profile is looking a little empty. Why not add some information?

Self Verification:

Please upload proof of ID and your Permanent Address, Tax Residency. Without Self Verification, your E-Lease might get disconnected at any point by the Network AI.

Connect Social Accounts:

Coming Soon

You may also connect your social accounts.


All self governing activities on the Open Constitution network are conditional to a verified Ownership of member account.
Executing Contracts Ledgers, which a member may sign on the Open Bank portal, are conditional to their Account’s Verification Status.
The Network AI can change the Verification Status, drop or hold the Status and ask for a human review. It is recommended to keep your account Verified.

For E Residency Accounts, your account may require to be verified, e.g. to receive Third Party or Network Partner benefits, and naturalise I.P Estate, as part of network policy. These are some examples.

Foundation Partners also rely on the network’s directory for verifying members of the Foundation.

You generally do not have to do anything to request verification. Please wait for 7 -14 days after completing your Profile.

In case, if you want to place an Account Verification, you have the option to do so.

To request verification, once logged in, please click on Request Verification in Account Settings.



If your account is verified, you should receive an email like below.


RESULT: E Residency electronic Lease is now activated, and is in good standing.

A vault Account is set up once an E Residency Lease is activated and you receive Trust keys, in the Account Console.

Access Trust Keys and Restricted Content to unlock resources and benefits

E Residency gets you your Open Constitution Network ownership token and adds Contributor License Agreement ledgers, Project-specific CLA ledgers.

Financial and Insurance services benefits for E Residency are activated at this stage.

Visit this page to access Trust keys. Here you can manage your Trust keys(API) linked with your E Residency account, and access your API Downloads, and any other E lease Downloads.