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Climate Finance Startups

Community welcomes Climate finance Startup teams, who propose product ideas/applications/projects on the open source Finscale distribution.

Startup teams build solutions in an open engineering ecosystem and avail access to open constitution network resources.

Eligible startup application shall be approved by the Finscale C.W.C members, once the startup activates its Open Constitution network tenancy.


  1. A registered startup company where at least one(1) Co-founder/Director/Executive of the startup is a member of the Foundation.

  1. Early Stage Startups with either bootstrapped or early stage investments

  1. Startup idea/product delivers Social Good.

Product/Idea Focus:

An idea or a product which results in services related to climate finance and green technology access and inclusion.

Product Idea or use case involve(s) one (or more) of the following tags:

Primary Tags:

Consumer Identity Governance,

Financial Data processing,

Climate Finance and similar financial instruments Transaction management and transaction Processing,

Information systems for accounting and management of services such as Carbon credits, carbon taxes, supply chain transactions, insurances, rewards etc

Additional Tags:

Transaction processing, legal contracts management, electronic signatures etc.


How to apply?

Visit Open Source Exchange



Foundation is a startup enabling institution. Open Constitution network resources can be availed by startups to deploy their product ideas or solutions into the market.