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Getting Started

Open Constitution network invites its members to Self organise Startups, projects or research groups, student entrepreneurship groups, and propose product ideas/applications/projects on the open source Open Constitution Network.

Startup teams build solutions in an open engineering ecosystem and avail access to open constitution network resources.

Eligible startup application shall be approved by the Open Council or C.W.C members. Each approved startup activates its Open Constitution network tenancy.



  1. A registered startup which is privately held and has been in business for fewer than 7 years.

  2. At least one(1) Co-founder/Director/Shareholder of the startup, is a member of the Foundation and has more than 10% voting, ownership or controlling rights.

  3. Startups is either bootstrapped or early stage investments less than € 1 million.

  4. Startup idea/product/project delivers Social Good and Environmental Sustainability.

  5. Startup Revenue in the last 12 months is less than € 15 million.

  6. Startup is a verifiable entity with a website, and a dedicated email server.

Product/Service/Platform Focus:

An idea or a product which results or delivers services:

How to apply?

Visit Open Source Exchange



Foundation is a startup enabling institution. Open Constitution network resources can be availed by startups to deploy their product ideas or solutions into the market. To activate startup benefits, a startup Vault account at the Open Bank portal must be a verified account.

Read What is Startup tenancy verification?