Portfolio Structure

Each year, Open Constitution network supports startups in diverse domains as classified below.



Tentative distribution In %


Tentative distribution In %

Banking, Financial Services and Insurance






Analytics & Data


Non Classified Projects



Since the launch of the open-source startup program, Open Constitution network began to classify the program portfolio structure for cloud computing resources, based on computing requirements and are monitoring their usage of cloud services as follows:


Group 1 (Advanced)

Group 2 (Standard)

Startups that are heavy computing intensive and are thus clocking more cloud computing resources e.g for data analytics, AI, learning model, blockchain;

Startups that are using cloud resources for web or mobile services;

I. Banking, Financial Services and Insurance

Build on Finscale: Fintech services like financial use cases, climate finance startups which are build on Finscale

Read about Finscale startups.


  • Financial inclusion, social finance, micro-finance, payments, insurances

  • Improving financial services and improving access to financial services for projects with resilient, sustainable, carbon-neutral approaches

  • Climate Finance Startups - Decarbonization projects, Bioreactors, climate technology projects

  • Data Sovereignty, Digital identity, digital signatures, in the context of financial services

  • DeFi, blockchain based registrar services

  • AI based financial data analytics services

II. Education

  • Online skilling platforms such as professional training, academic training,

  • Open Source Research data,

  • Technology product startups providing services to educational institutions, Technology product startups providing service to student consumers

  • Interactive Learning and Training Platform, Virtual Reality, Immersive Reality

  • Education Certification platforms such as blockchain based registries

  • Startups which focus on differently abled students e.g for students with dyslexia or vision or hearing impairment

  • Online content publishing platforms, self organised learning platforms

  • AI based content publishing and content discovery platforms such as AI based social learning services, AI based curriculum curation services

  • Agricultural Training and farmer education platforms


III. Health care

Healthcare services, platforms and networks e.g Global Health information systems

Vaccine Intelligence network, pharma platforms

Health insurance information systems

IV. Analytics & data

Note: Startups classified in this domain are industry agnostic.

  • Field of study specific open data standards based analytics and product startups

  • Research hub Directory platforms

  • AI based Directory search platforms

  • Intelligence Network services

  • Data Sovereignty

  • Agricultural data analytics networks, data sets, intelligence network on distribution of agricultural resources or other farmtech services, with a particular focus on low- and middle-income economies

  • Data analytics networks, data sets, intelligence network on the distribution of vaccines or access to other primary care services, with a particular focus on low- and middle-income economies

Cyber Security Startups

  • Cloud Computing and data security

  • Encryption technology