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Mentorship Body

‘'Knowledge is Power’'

The Foundation appoints members to the Open Council’s Advisory Council.

Advisory Council members are generally individuals of industry wide reputation, having had persistent success in steering and contributing to the humankind, with major sustainable impact.

They can be successful entrepreneurs, social leaders, industry professionals, senior scientists, writers, filmmakers, musicians and artists.

The members usually stays on the Advisory Council for a fixed period.

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Advisory Council members provide mentorship and professional guidance to Startup projects

a. hosted on the Open Constitution AI network, and

b. who have successfully completed an Incubation phase of the project using the Foundation’s charters and network resources.

To activate mentorship, a startup project MUST have graduated from the Incubation stage and be approved for Acceleration on the Open Source Exchange.

Public Notice:
Members who are nominated to the Global Mentorship body are incentivised by retaining vested Stock Options in network’s affiliate Legal bodies, which are registered for undertaking economic activities, on behalf of the Muellners Foundation.

Startup tenants leveraging the Open Constitution network do not have to exchange equity for the benefits availed from the Foundation.

Since mentors are already incentivised by the network, Open Source Exchange program does not require Startup tenants to give or share or reward equity to Individual Mentors from the network community.
If a startup decides to offer equity by recruiting other members of the community outside the network’s direct control, it shall make such an offer in accordance with the Non-Solicitation guidelines.

Please read Non Solicitation and non compete sections of the Project Tenancy Agreement. Read Project TRL guide and Project tenancy proposal filing guidelines.