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Virtual Hackathon and Code Camps

Organising and activating a virtual OPEN SOURCE hackathon or a code camp on the network.


Any Project which has a technical base for a code camp to be organised, may organise and set up a virtual hackathon on the Open Constitution network.

Project C.W.C or Steering Council generally activates the authentication or public access for a Virtual Hackathon.

A Virtual Code Camp/hackathon event may be organised without time limits.

Event Admins, Please follow the screen settings of the Event Portal on the network, to set up and activate a virtual hackathon for your project.

Project C.W.C may organise code camps, or hackathons. Following activities are involved:

Activity 1: Set up an event on Open Constitution network, and publish it.

Activity 2: Set up sandboxes, cloud resources and CI/CD pipelines for the event.

Activity 3: Activate the Event and publish RFC:Call for PROPOSALS

Activity 4: Prospective Contributors activate their E Residency on the Open Bank portal to access the resources for the hackathon.

Activity 4: At the conclusion of the Event, C.W.C submits Code Camp Success Report.

Network AI: Sentient Bot will keep records of the Event details to enhance the virtual hackathons on the network.